Our graduates

How a mentor makes a difference

Discover how Samantha Palmer’s mentor experience as a graduate has shaped her attitude to her career and personal life.

Friendly and exciting from day one

Graduate Si Yng loves working with a mentor who gives her advice before she even knows she needs it.

Opportunities for the curious mind

Mounika’s mentor taught her to get the most out of every task she does, big or small

Supporting you in your career launch

As a female electrical engineer graduate, having a mentor was a key factor in graduate Lolwa coming to Shell.

Creating a Career Mission Statement

Graduate, Maher says his mentor helps guide his career aspirations. Find out more about the benefits of a mentor.

Helping graduates in their careers

Inah says Scott, her mentor, puts things into perspective and boosts her confidence. Find out how he’s helped develop her career.

Our mentors

Supporting a rising star

Elise is part of the Shell’s mentoring program and is passionate about the role it plays in career progression.

Professional Diversity, People and Rewards

Why does Tanya Lam, Finance Manager from Shell Singapore leave work every day with a smile on her face?

Guidance for a Graduate’s Future Path

Engineer Krishna believes that it’s important for graduates to define a clear developmental path. He discusses his mentoring role at Shell.

Pay It Forward: Being a Mentor

Find out how being a mentor benefits Symon Hoy, Site Maintenance Manager, and his mentee Lolwa Al-Sayegh both personally and professionally.

Taking Graduate's Careers to exciting directions

Scott provides mentee Inah, with tips to help guide and develop her career. Read Scott’s story about mentoring Inah.

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Benefits of working at Shell

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