Futbol Net program supported by Shell and Barcelona Football Club Foundation

An educational programme that positively impacts social interaction across Iraqi youth has kicked off its third phase incorporating even more participants.

FutbolNet is an educational programme, delivered by FC Barcelona Foundation and Shell Iraq, that uses football as a vehicle to promote life and leadership skills, respect, teamwork, effort humility and ambition amongst children between the ages of eight and 16.

The programme has been well received by Iraq’s general public who feel it is of great benefit to youth development in the country. Feedback from the last phase has highlighted a positive impact on school performance and improved behaviour amongst participants.

The latest installment of the project will reach up to1900 children across 11 active venues in Basrah City, and beyond, including a new all girls centre.

To build further capacity the 94 Iraqi coaches, including five females for the first time, deliver the coaching and 31 attended a recent seminar in Beirut, Lebanon, to study the latest coaching curriculum that was presented by trainers from FC Barcelona Foundation.

Hans Nijkamp, chairman of Shell Companies in Iraq, commenting on the latest development of the Futbol Net journey commented: “Our work in partnership with FC Barcelona Foundation is positively impacting the next generation of Iraqis. Creating an all girls venue adds a new dynamic to our existing programme

“Further expanding the project to include new areas and reach additional children is another progressive step forward under our Social Performance remit.”

FutbolNet was initially piloted in 2013 in Basrah and is endorsed by former Secretary General of the Basrah Athletic Foundation Mr. Hani Waleed and continues to go from strength to strength.

FC Barcelona Foundation and Shell Iraq work alongside the Ministry of Youth and Sport to implement FutbolNet across the Basrah communities.

Shell Iraq is committed to the economic and social development of local communities and has delivered numerous projects within the communities directly neighbouring our operations in Majnoon, in the areas of health, education, capacity building and road safety.

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The Futbol Net program in Iraq is supported by Shell and Barcelona Football Club Foundation.

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